If you're interested in the culinary arts, you'll probably have a tough go in getting a degree here in the Treasure Valley. According to the Boise Weekly the two culinary school options (affiliated with BSU and CWI) are no longer in operation. So, now what? Do you have to go out of state for your dream career? Do local restaurants have to start looking for chefs from somewhere other than Idaho? Well, that's something that some in the culinary industry want to avoid.

According to the Boise Weekly, There are plans to open a culinary school in Sun Valley in the Spring of 2019! The nonprofit, Sun Valley Culinary Institute, would "offer culinary training courses to entry-level and foodservice professionals along with classes for local food enthusiasts."

The school will be housed in a 5,700 sq. ft. facility in downtown Ketchum, and will provide courses for an annual class size of 15 students. SVCI will allow students to receive a "one-year degree composed of one part classroom training and two parts paid practical experience at a local restaurant, with the latter taking place during the resort town's busy season."

If you're interested in being a part of SVCI's inaugural class, you actually have a chance to pre-register for the culinary certificate HERE.

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