How I miss these things, I don't know but it drives me crazy.  Darius Rucker was not only here in Boise but he did a SUPER SECRET live concert for a few lucky people on Tuesday night.

Every year the Albertsons Boise Open Social has become 'THE' event to go to.  The problem is, it's next to impossible to get tickets for.  Albertsons invites different sponsors that helped raise money throughout the year for different charities.  This year more than $1.5 million was raised and Albertsons, with the help of so many others has now donated over $20 million to charities since the inaugural Albertsons Boise Open in 1990.

You probably have already figured out that Darius Rucker was the SUPER SECRET artist this year.  Rucker performed a live, intimate concert for a couple of hundred people who got to be up close and personal with this major country superstar in a way you just can't get when you go to the big arenas or stadiums.  Here's a picture one of our sales guys took while he was there with his wife.  Yeah... he somehow got in.  Ughhhh.  Where's my invite?

Credit: Shaun Collignon
Credit: Shaun Collignon

Darius sightings here in Boise started Tuesday afternoon and continued through Wednesday, and YES, he was here.  So if you thought to yourself, "I wonder if that was him?"  It might have been.

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