Why in the world are we going to lose an hour? Actually, it saves us a ton of money!

The concept of Daylight Saving Time began in 1874; that's when Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to a French journal saying that Parisians could save money by waking up earlier during the summer because they would use and buy less candles to light the their homes at night.

It wasn't adopted in the U.S. until WWI, however. Congresses decided to try out the idea in order to save energy. The law was passed along with the creation of standard time zones. Folks didn't like it so much though...the law was repealed one year later.

Daylight Saving Time made a comeback, though, in 1942. President Franklin Roosevelt enacted "War Time" - setting the clocks back year round.  After the war, most states decided to use a summer-only time change.

SO DON'T FORGET! Set your clocks AHEAD ONE HOUR this Saturday (3/11) / Sunday Morning (3/12) at 2a. OR ELSE.....