Effective immediately, Quinn's Pond and all ponds at Esther Simplot Park have been closed due to E. coli in the water. 


Weekly testing is done by Boise Public Works and they just discovered elevated levels of E.coli in the water.


These ponds draw hundreds of visitors, especially on the weekends, but if you planned on going there anytime soon, forget it you can't get in the water.


E.coli bacteria can be deadly. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.


Luckily, according to KTVB, no one has gotten sick so far and the ponds are being cleaned, so they should re-open in about a week.


Once the ponds are open though, you should still use caution though by showering after getting in the water, keeping pets away from the water, and avoid feeding ducks and geese.


For updates on the situation visit Boise Parks and Recreation.