If you felt a jolt before heading to bed, rest assured it wasn't your imagination.

On Thursday night (1/26), a 4.7 magnitude earthquake originating from Soda Springs shook much of southern Idaho. The quake was so strong it was even felt in Wyoming and Utah. To put that in perspective, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake can be felt up to 300 miles away. Being that Soda Springs is less than 300 miles from the Treasure Valley, this is the source of any tremors or rumblings you may have felt Thursday night.

Earthquakes in and around Idaho aren't uncommon, however this instance is a stronger occurrence than what we're used to seeing. Luckily, it ins't nearly as eerie as the "earthquakes in the sky" that have been noted to happen above Twin Falls, Idaho. That mystery remains unexplained to this day, but as I've written before, there's no way it isn't aliens.

Earthquake in Soda Springs: Mother nature.

Earthquake in the sky: Aliens.

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