While it's not your typical art exhibit, this is one you won't want to miss.

Starting this Friday, you can check out 'Discover Steampunk' at the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls. Let's start off with the obvious question. What's steampunk? The exhibit's creator Bruce Rosenbaum explains:

You can think of it this way, steampunk equals the fusion of history, plus art, plus technology.

You'll see examples of technology and design from thinkers and tinkers of the 1800's, and it's certainly a sight to behold. Time machines, an internet prototype, if you can imagine it, they were probably trying to create it back in the day.

Why did the Museum of Idaho decide to pick up this eclectic showcase? Public relations officer Jeff Carr says past experience with quaint exhibits helped:

We were the smallest city in the world to get the bodies exhibit a few years ago, and it always takes a little bit of convincing for exhibit companies to come to Idaho, but then we show them our track record and they're happy to help.


The exhibit runs until January 2019.

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