There are many things one can enjoy whilst drunk. Should this be one of them? Let's dig deeper.

Why do we ask this awfully-specific question? Because a Boise man was arrested driving the wrong way down I-90 in Montana. Now, what would cause a man to do such a thing? Being stone drunk, that's what.

Should this man have been driving? Should he have been driving while intoxicated? Should he have been driving the wrong way down a freeway while intoxicated? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no. What should he have been doing?

I've taken the liberty to compile a list of lots of fun things you can do while drunk that don't involve getting arrested:

  • Playing checkers with a friend
  • Watching 'Beerfest' on DVD for the 102nd time
  • Taking a nap
  • Having a one night stand there's no way you'll remember
  • Calling your mom
  • Complaining about politics on Facebook

See? It's easy to have safe and drunk fun, Mr. Driving-The-Wrong-Way-Down-A-Highway! If only you had read this blog a little sooner....


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