Do you have a boss that makes your head explode? There's an old adage that reads, "People don't leave companies, they leave bosses." Do you have a boss like any of these?

A lot of people may tell you they hate their job, when maybe they really mean "I would like my job a lot more if I had a better manager that didn't make me dread going to work." Jason Walker of Hays Specialist Recruitment wrote an article about poor managers. He described six bosses who drive their staff crazy.

Using Jason's examples for starters, here's my take on three bosses that may make your head explode.

1 - YOU'RE ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS BOSS: This boss thinks that he/she has more power if they keep details to themselves, and not give you the pertinent and important information to complete your tasks and projects. They give tidbits of information so you have to keep checking in with them for the "next step". It gives them a sense of control and you a sense of frustration and confusion. NTKBB is a weenie.

2- MICRO-MANAGER BOSS: Everyone LOVES to be micromanaged, right? Nothing better that having the feeling that you're not capable of doing your job unless MMB is hovering, monitoring and second-guessing everything you're doing. After all, you're incompetent and need to have every move approved. MMB boss does tons to make job satisfaction and team morale decline. MMB is a weenie.

3- NITPICKER NEGATIVE BOSS: No matter how hard you've worked, how good a job you've done, or how successful a project turns out, NNB just can't find it in themselves to point out all the positives, and instead focuses on the things that SHOULD have been better. Nothing is ever quite good enough for NNB. NNB would rather point out small details that were wrong than compliment things that turned out great. NNB is a huge weenie.

So...hopefully YOU don't have a boss that falls into any of the categories above. Not ALL bosses are like the ones listed above. We've all worked for some "weenies" at one time or another.

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be very obvious to them and those who know them. Okay...not's just an article about how not to manage people. Enjoy!


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