12 dogs that were raised to be sold to a South Korean meat market have been saved and will now find homes here in Boise.


These are some very lucky dogs.  They were so close to getting butchered at a South Korean meat market and then sold off to the highest bidders.  Instead, they were flown here to the Idaho Humane Society which will place all 12 dogs into loving homes.


The dogs were raised in horrific conditions at a backyard breeder operation in Seongnam, South Korea.  We don't know exactly how they were saved but Boise is one of the hot spots for emergency situations because we usually have more room than most Humane Societies across the United States.


Most of these dogs are under 30 pounds and will be adopted out to loving families as soon as they're ready.  There is a transition period which is crucial for these dogs because they're coming from an abusive environment but  the Idaho Humane Society says all 12 dogs are behaving perfectly, they're very playful and very loyal.


Most of these dogs will be ready for adoption within a few months.  If you're interested, visit IdahoHumaneSociety.org.

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