Men's Health suggests you should be sleeping in the buff!

  • You'll get better quality sleep: Sleeping in your birthday suit helps your body regulate its temperature, which means a deeper, better, happier sleep!
  • You might lose weight: when you are sleeping more soundly your body goes from panic mode to healing mode. In panic mode your body stores fat instead of burning it.
  • You'll look younger or at least age better: The same hormone that helps you lose weight also acts as your body's anti-aging agent. This kicks in when you sleep better.
  • You'll enjoy a happier love life. A survey of 1,000 people shows that 57% of nude sleepers are happier in their relationships.
  • You'll dodge fungal infections: Eeeewww! Truth is pj's and even underwear trap sweat. If you aren't wearing anything to trap the sweat, you're less likely to get that nasty rash!
  • You'll spend less money: If you aren't buying pajamas, your wallet will obviously thank you!

Happy Sleeping Everybody!

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