Looking to switch up your dinner routine with some local flair in Boise? A recent conversation on Reddit has revealed some of the best-kept secrets and beloved spots you might not find in your typical guidebook. Whether you're a fan of exotic flavors or just looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a meal, this thread has got you covered.

Yelp./Jonathan D.
Yelp./Jonathan D.

One user couldn't stop raving about Momo's Mount Everest Cafe, where the Nepalese and Indian dishes are so authentic you might forget you're in Idaho for a moment. This place is worth checking out if you want to chase those rich, aromatic flavors.

Do you like Cuban cuisine? Casablanca is highly recommended by the locals for its friendly staff and top-notch dishes. It's the perfect spot for those who crave something different but utterly delicious. For those who can't get enough Thai food, Nahm Thai is proclaimed the best in Boise, and according to fans, "it's not even close." That's a bold claim, but it's backed by a lot of love from the community.

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If you're curious about Ethiopian or Eritrean cuisine, Kibrom's has been highlighted as an excellent choice to explore these unique and flavorful dishes. Then there's Tarbush for Mediterranean cravings and Wepa Cafe for an incredible Puerto Rican cuisine experience. Both are highly praised for their authenticity and tasty offerings.

Best Locally Owned Restaurants
byu/LPaddict inBoise

In Boise, the options for exploring locally owned restaurants are as diverse as they are delicious. There's no shortage of places where you can enjoy a great meal and support local businesses at the same time.

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