When those sirens fire off behind you and your heart jumps straight out of your chest, there's some dos and don'ts you should remember.



1.  DO - Pull over in a way that will most likely calm down an angry or annoyed officer.  Make it convenient for he or she to take care of their business.


2.  DO - Be polite.  Officers are human and they're much more likely to give you a break if you're not firing off putting them on the defense.


3.  DO - Say as little as possible.  A case can be won or lost depending on what you say or don't say.


4.  DO -  Ask to see the officer's identification if he's driving an unmarked car.  Better safe than sorry.



1.  DON'T - Do anything that can seem threatening.  Quick movements, rash arguments, etc.  Keep your hands on the steering wheel and the interior light in your car on.  This allows the officer to feel safe and comfortable.


2.  DON'T - Start fiddling through your back pocket or glove compartment for your license and registration until the officer asks you to.  They may think you're reaching for a weapon.


3.  DON'T - Consent to any search.  By law the officer must have consent or a legal reason to search your car.


4.  DON'T - Agree to a blood or breath test.  If you do not agree they must get a warrant.  If they cannot get a legal warrant and do the test within two hours, it's inadmissible.

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