If you were in the downtown Boise area around lunch and late afternoon, you may have caught a weird aroma in the air. Ada County Highway District announced this afternoon (Mon., 8/28) that that smell could cause severe commute delays Monday evening.

A Gas Leak in Downtown Boise

According to Ada County Highway District's X account (formerly Twitter), "Crews from several agencies are responding to a gas leak in downtown Boise."

They report that the leak is in the area of Grove Street, between 10th and 12th Streets.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Unfortunately, for those driving out of downtown Boise this afternoon/evening, you'll need to find an alternate route and avoid the area - even on foot.

"Several intersections are closed between Main & Grove, and 10th & 12th. No vehicle or foot traffic is allowed in the area," ACHD shared on the social platform, X.

"These closures are expected to last for several hours and will likely impact the evening commute. Please avoid the area while crews work on repairs."

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