Life is pretty crazy, right? It's pretty nice to get reminders so we don't forget to do the important stuff, like that meeting with your boss, that kid's birthday party, oh and of course all those payments that need to be made; like your car registration!

According to the Idaho Statesman, many people that drive hybrid vehicles in Idaho, however, never got a notification reminding them to renew their registration.

Apparently, the DMV isn't required to, instead, they say when they send the notes in the mail they do so as a "customer service courtesy.” So what happened to the vehicles that were cut from the "courtesy" list? According to the Idaho Statesman, it was because of a "repeal of a $75 surcharge on gas hybrid vehicles."

Luckily hybrid drivers in Boise are lookin' out for each other. One Northend resident who noticed her car's tag had expired, decided to warn her neighbors on Facebook.

Now, even though officials say you shouldn't rely on those notices you get in the mail, they say that " moving forward, notices will be going out to all vehicle owners.”