A very bad fatal accident went down here in Idaho Saturday morning just after 7 o'clock.  This is one of those stories with GOOD and BAD.  It's always so tragic when a life is lost as was the case with this.  69-year-old Douglas Hurlburt was driving his 2006 Jeep Cherokee heading westbound on US 12 toward Lewiston when for some reason authorities don't know of yet, he veered off of the road crashing into a rock wall which catapulted the vehicle into the air flipping over and over and over several times before finally coming to a stop.

There were people nearby that saw the accident, rushed over and immediately began cutting Hurlburt from his seatbelt and dragged him out of the mangled vehicle to begin CPR.  While this was going on, a little girl crawled out of the other side of the vehicle to safety.  The girl's identity is confidential because she's a minor.  Immediately after the two were out of the vehicle, flames were everywhere.

Hurlburt was not responding and was pronounced dead on the scene.  East Idaho News reported that the little girl was taken to Clearwater Valley Hospital, treated for some small cuts and bruises, and has been released to her family.

A complete investigation is underway.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hurlburt's family and friends.  It's heartbreaking to lose someone and the only silver lining I can see in this is that I think Hurlburt is looking down on that little girl, so grateful that she made it out there alive and well.  She has her entire life to live and it looks as if God was going to make sure she does.

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