I LOVE SNEAKERS!! Converse, Nikes, and definitely Vans. So it makes me pretty happy to know that some Idaho students are involved in creating a super custom look for Vans that represents our community and their artistry. Every year, Vans, the awesome shoe and clothing company, holds their national 'Custom Culture' competition. A chance for high school art students to customize blank Vans shoes "around specific themes." The competition was created to "inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design [...]"

This year, Idaho is being represented! According to the Boise Weekly, students from the Idaho Fine Arts Academy in Eagle, are among the 50 finalists that have a shot at winning $75,000 for their school art program. How cool is that! What's even better? You could help them win! Voting is OPEN NOW, and you can vote once a day until May 4. Good luck to the Idaho Fine Arts Academy, my vote is in!

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