When I hear about all the hype and hysteria surrounding the upcoming total solar eclipse, and all of the celebrations and partying, the movie "Apocalypto" keeps coming to mind!

Someone once said "history repeats itself" and more often than not, that does happen. We somehow, as the human race, fail to learn by our mistakes from the past. If enough time goes by, and a couple of generations, heck we even wonder is some of our mistakes as the human race even really happened.

The upcoming solar eclipse will be a cool event, no doubt. I keep hearing about all of the celebrations and partying that is planned in conjunction with it. I'm sure that a lot of fun will be had. Large amounts of alcohol will be consumed. FOMO will take many to places they've never visited before and they'll "party on Wayne."

All good and fun, right? I hope so! It's no secret that we've had our share of turmoil in our country the past few years. Political differences, philosophical differences, protest marches that turned violent in some cases. A lot of people on the edge.

I hope that the solar eclipse celebrations don't turn us into a bunch of crazies. If you've seen the movie "Apocalypto" you may see where I'm going with this thought process.

Look, I'm all for a good time as much as anyone else. I'm not one of those "the end of the world is coming" or "we're living in the last days!" guys, but all this activity leading up to the solar eclipse makes me think of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations and the movie "Apocalypto."

Let's hope we've learned something over the past few centuries and that history doesn't repeat itself. Now...where is my welding helmet so I can watch the eclipse! Party on Wayne!

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