Yes, we should be taking this Coronavirus Pandemic seriously. Some things we shouldn't be taking seriously though seriously. For example, the myths about "cures" for COVID-19. According to Yahoo News, here are eight myths that have been debunked by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • KariHoglund

    ‘Cold temperatures kill the coronavirus’

    False. According to the WHO, "There is no reason to believe cold weather can kill the new coronavirus."

  • Alistair Scott

    ‘Taking a hot bath prevents the coronavirus’

    Ok, baths are great, yes. However, you're not going to cure Coronavirus with hot water. In fact, the WHO says hot baths and showers could result in burns.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto

    ‘Mosquitoes spread the coronavirus’

    COVID-19 is not like Malaria or West Nile. It cannot be spread by mosquitos. According to Yahoo News, "The virus enters the body if a person inhales infected droplets that have been expelled by a patient when they cough or sneeze. Rubbing the eyes, nose or mouth with contaminated hands is also a known route of infection."

  • Sucharas wongpeth

    ‘Hand dryers kill the coronavirus’

    You know the drill by now, right? Wash your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. But, if you're running to the hand dryer because you think it will kill off the virus, you'd be wrong.

    It will help save the planet, though!

  • Vigold

    ‘UV lamps kill the virus’

    Don't go buying a bunch of UV lamps; they won't help. UV rays can not only irritate your skin but have been known to cause cancer too.

  • VTsybulka

    ‘Rinsing the nose with saline water protects against the coronavirus’

    There is just no evidence for this. It may, however, help you recover from the common cold.

  • Tatjana Baibakova

    ‘Garlic wards off the coronavirus’

    Good for dinner, not so much for fending off COVID-19.

  • Stas_V

    ‘Antibiotics and other drugs treat the coronavirus’

    Antibiotics are effective against bacteria, but not so much a viral infection like Coronavirus.