The Christmas Spirit has officially arrived at my house, with our first visit from our very own Elf....or should I say Elfredo (yeah, he's latino, like us hehe)!! We woke up this morning with him dangling from the cabinet over a very delicious "breakfast" (fruity pebbles with the word "hi" written in marshmallows) and a book telling us about the awesome tradition!

The little was pretty excited about seeing him for the first time in our house, and thankfully only took a bite of his dish. He left an itty-bitty little note telling us more about why he's here and to make it VERY clear that we couldn't touch him. Note taken.

I could imagine being an elf and doing all that fun magic stuff is a lot of work! Especially when he's got a full-time job of observing to do. But, it gets done, right? So, I'm wondering, what other mischief has your Elf gotten into at your house? I wonder if ours will be doing the same at ours (hint hint).

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