Yarg, mateys! Ye better make sure that pizza is cooked to perfection...OR ELSE!

We can't make this stuff up. If you stop by to get a slice at Pesto's Pizza in Boise, don't be surprised if you see one of their employees walking up and down the sidewalk sporting a frown. At Pesto's, if an employee overcooks a pizza, management lovingly makes them "Walk the plank" as they call it:

Why? Thanks to Pesto's pirate theme. Lloyd Parrot, owner of Pesto's, explains that it's all in good fun:

We’re all good friends. We have a good time. It’s very hard work, we all love it so if we can’t be hard on each other then, you know we gotta have some fun around here its all in good fun. It’ll happen again. Keep your eyes out. One of us will be out there again.

If you're looking to get yourself a pizza from Pesto's in hopes of seeing a swashbuckler walking the plank, you can find them here.