Idaho is one of the HANGRIEST states in the country, and it might surprise you to find out that it's partly Wal-Mart's fault.

Zippia ranked all fifty states here in the United States by how HANGRY we are, and Idaho landed in the top 10! Number six to be specific. Maine happens to be the hangri-est so we'll keep our distance from those guys, luckily that's easy to do. What does Wal-Mart have to do with us being one of the hangriest states? Well, Wal-Mart happens to have a large selection of snacks and hanger-curing foods and since we're on the lower end of Wal-Mart stores per capita, we get dinged there. It also has to do with how many fast food restaurants we have... When you're hangry, fast food can fix ya up real quick! They also calculated break laws for employees in each state; no break? Easy to get... Hangry! They evaluated the number of people with diabetes and lastly, Google searches for "hanger".

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All jokes aside, hanger is a real thing and I'm surprised it took until this point in history to be identified as a real thing. It really is awful when you're hungry and you start getting grumpy. When you and your significant other are super hangry and start taking it out on each other, well, no one's winning then. Best thing to do is to make sure you have some snacks around; snickers or candy, or even something healthy to tie you over. Snack up, Idaho and let's be kind to one another!

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