There is a small and wonderful section of downtown Boise that has a cluster of buildings that are dedicated to preserving the unique culture and traditions of Europe's Basque people. Every Wednesday and Friday at noon enjoy fresh paella. On the first Thursday of every month you can enjoy it fresh at 6pm. If you are a vegetarian they even have fresh paella for you on the first Fridays of every month.

According to Atlas Obscura The Basque culture is from the area surrounding the Bay of Biscay in southwestern France and northern Spain. They've inhabited the land for up to 7,000 years and are a genetic and cultural anomaly in Europe. They even speak a language that is totally their own. It is completely original and has no relations to any other known language on earth. Boise is the only place in the United States and even in the western hemisphere with a block that is devoted to preserving and celebrating Basque heritage.

The Basque Block in downtown has a few cultural centers and businesses that maintain every aspect of Basque culture as accurately as possible. You can see that even from the outside buildings with made with plaster and mighty wood-frame “etxea” architecture. There are businesses, meeting centers, boarding houses, Basque Museum & Cultural Center and more. For visitors and those curious about the culture there are Basque dance recitals and a chance to get in on a game of jai alai, a Basque sport.

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The paella on the block mentioned earlier isnt your only option at enjoying authentic Basque food. Check out Bar Gernika on Capital Blvd. They are famous for thier beef tongue, but only serve it on Saturdays and only until it runs out. If Beef tongue isn't your thing, don't worry, there are a lot of other amazing options. Or for a more upscale dining experience with Basque cuisine check out  Leku Ona on 6th Street.

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