It wasn't long ago when Toms shoes came out with huge success.  In part because Toms had a fun, comfortable style, but the other great thing about Toms was the charitable giving aspect that happens when you purchase a pair of Toms shoes.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation 26th Annual A Time For Heroes Family Festival - Inside
Rachel Murray

When you buy a pair of Toms shoes, the company donates a pair to a child in need.  Since Toms has started, they have branched out into eye glasses, water, and bags for people in need worldwide.

It is with the Toms philosophy that new sandwich shop "Even Stevens" opened in Boise.  Every sandwich purchased Even Stevens donates a sandwich to a local nonprofit.  Even Stevens  has four locations in Utah and one coming in Arizona.  The company also has a sandwich shop coming to Boise, opening this spring at 815 W. Bannock St.  Even Stevens has teamed up with the Idaho Food bank, St. Vincent De Paul, Boise Rescue Mission, and others and will donate sandwich ingredients to them each month.  Nonprofit partners can order ingredients from them then, a truck delivers the order to their doorstep, and volunteers make the sandwiches.  How exciting our future seems as companies start adopting this business model!  Imagine the possibilities.




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