Why are people so embarrassed to talk about pooping? 

Having regular bowel movements we know is essential, and being able to talk about having to go poop isn't something we shouldn't be ashamed to do. But being able to poop in a comfortable setting is something people struggle with, which is understandable. A co-worker of mine will not use the restrooms at work when needing to go #2. This person will drive home to use the bathroom and return to work. He's not the only one, and probably many people feel more comfortable having their bowel movements at home. 

But what if there's an emergency poop that needs to happen? 

We decided to take this question to Facebook. We wanted to inform you of some of the best bathrooms in the Boise area. When in the case of an emergency and you're near one of these locations, you might feel comfortable enough to use it. 

What do you need to have when pooping in a public place? 

Privacy is the most significant need, followed by cleanliness. But, for myself, for someone who used only to be able to poop at home, I would say that cleanliness is now more important than privacy. 

Do you remember the book "Everyone Poops" that came out in 1993? 

Now there are books similar all over the place, and there are even a handful of songs that have come out as well. It's time for us to continue to share that pooping is something we shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed to talk about. 

Best Places To Poop In The Boise Area

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