Signs have been saying that the construction at the busy intersection of Cole and Fairview is supposed to end today, but they are wrong! This is going to delay your commute big time!

Originally the construction at Cole and Fairview was supposed to be done in August. Snowpocalypse 2017 delayed that plan a bit, but the new wrap up date was advertised as September 13th. Despite what the signs say, construction in that area is not going to wrap up any time soon.


According to the Idaho Statesman, the construction most likely will not wrap up until mid-October and that's not good for the 21,000 to 23,000 vehicle that cross that intersection everyday on Cole and the approximately 31,000 cars that cross on Fairview.


Once the project is complete though there will be some really cool improvements including additional left-turn lanes in all directions, protected bike lanes on Fairview, expanded sidewalks, and dedicated right-turn only lanes for all directions.