What is a DIVE BAR? 

Wikipedia calls a dive bar "a dive bar is typically a small, unglamorous, eclectic, old-style drinking establishment with inexpensive drinks; it may feature dim lighting, shabby or dated decor, neon beer signs, packaged beer sales, cash-only service, and a local clientele."

There's nothing better than walking into a dive bar, belly up next to a stranger, and enjoying a stiff cocktail. If you forget cash because most dive bars are cash only they might have an ATM in the corner that charges you $3.99 to get a cash withdrawal which I have no problem paying. You will discover some dive bars will accept debit or credit cards, but cash is king! 

What do I love about a dive bar?

I think for me a dive bar needs to have a jukebox (if you don't have one just know I'll spend $40 playing music), I want to be able to hear the eclectic types of music that are going to be played. Who knows you might just play a song that has the entire bar singing. There's just something about the smell, the atmosphere, and the genuine people you can find at a dive bar that really makes it something special.

I wanted to find some great dive bars in the Treasure Valley that I haven't been to yet, so I took to Facebook to get some recommendations and I got some really good feedback from our followers. So I thought I would compile a list as a reference for anyone who looking for a great dive bar in the area. If you don't see your favorite dive bar on the list please just leave a comment and I'll make sure to add it. Keep scrolling to see the original Facebook post and add your favorite dive bar! 

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