Alright before we get into anything, just know that we want to know what YOU think. Yes, this article is about YOU. Why? Because we want to know which Boise dive bar YOU think is the best. It really is quite fascinating how much we all love dive bars. Is it the intimate vibe? The casual atmosphere? Is it the crowd? It’s tough to pinpoint exactly why we love dive bars but we know do. There’s just something about enjoying a drink in a worry-free setting that just feels right. So why are we talking about dive bars, you ask?

I’m driving down Broadway Ave. the other day and I notice a sign on the fence of Suds Tavern. The sign read: “Boise’s #1 Dive Bar.”

Photo by Chris Cardenas / TSM
Photo by Chris Cardenas / TSM

My mind immediately began to go down a rabbit hole of questions that all lead back to one big question: what qualities make a good dive bar?

I sought out some professionals (AKA bartenders and “seasoned” bar-goers) and put together a list of the top qualities that make up the perfect dive bar. Once we have the criteria, you can then submit which dive bar truly deserves the title of “Boise’s #1 Dive Bar” and who knows? Maybe it IS Suds Tavern?

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