27-year-old Nicholas Vandenberg should've used his words more carefully when discussing the body that was found close to where he lives on his facebook page.

He stated...

"If it was me, i wouldnt have left him in the desert lol too much risk of ‘hunters stumbling on dead body’ lol,"

About an hour later he posted...

"Being the bruneau desert area with 2 state highways running through it, the body could have come from anywhere at any time unfortunately,"

Little did Vandernberg know, the Owyhee County Sheriff Department was very interested in what he was posting online.  Vandernberg was a person of interest and after the body was found, there was a lot of evidence pointing to him as the killer.

The body was that of 18-year-old Hunter Smith of Medford, Oregon.  Smith was just about to turn 19 and was hitchhiking to Nebraska.

Most of the details are being kept under wraps as of now but we do know that the Elmore County Judge has ordered Vandernberg to be held without bond.  If found guilty he could face the death penalty.

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