A man impersonating a police officer allegedly came upon four young adults around 11:30 p.m. Thursday night at Jump Creek Falls in Owyhee County. He proceeded to tie them up with zip ties. The confused group started realizing something wasn't right when the man took one of the girls over towards his unmarked car. She threw a fit, broke loose and ran as fast as she could towards her friends. The abductor then jumped into his vehicle and sped off.

According to KTVB the man was not wearing a uniform but did have what looked to be a believable police badge hanging around his neck.  The vehicle this man was driving is described by the victims as a newer-model light colored Chevrolet-type four-door sedan with unknown plates.

Here's the man's description...

  • White Male
  • Approximately 30-years-old
  • Between 5' 6" and 5' 9" tall
  • Stocky Build

Any and all information is wanted immediately.  Please contact the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office at 208-495-1154.

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