KIVI TV reports on an issue that authorities say is definitely a clear and present danger and it's only going to get worse.  Ride share posers that have bad intentions.

Sarah Moriarity was out late Saturday night into Sunday morning at the Denny's in Nampa.  She ordered an Uber like usual and stepped outside where a man rolled down his window and said he was her ride.  Moriarity got into the car and red flags started flying all over the place.  The driver was fiddling with his phone saying his apps weren't working, he needed her address again, the payment feature with the Uber app wasn't working so he was asking for her to pay but most of all, she had this creepy feeling like this man had some bad intentions.

Moriarity was contacted by Uber asking where she was because her driver was waiting.  She didn't want to tip off the man driving her at that time so tried to keep her conversation generic.  She texted her boyfriend, letting him know what was going on and the Nampa Police Department was notified immediately.

When they finally pulled up to her house, Moriarity jumped out as quick as possible and locked the door behind her wondering what this man's true intentions were.  This is an eye opening experience that we should all learn from.  Follow the proper instructions when using Uber or Lyft.  KIVI TV has more information on how to properly order your ride and things you should do to keep yourself safe.

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