Authorities deemed this the most devastating and disturbing accident they've seen all year in the Treasure Valley.  A massive head-on collision between a Ford F-250 and a Nissan Titan on Cherry Lane, near Black Cat Road, in Meridian on Friday night sent one man to the hospital and four other men to their deaths.

The driver of the Ford F-250 was 61-year-old Brian Walter out of Middleton, Idaho.  KTVB reports that the Idaho State coroner has ruled Brian's death an accident caused by blunt force trauma.

The other three men who died were 48-year-old David Humberto Fernandez of Nampa, Idaho and his two sons, 24-year-old Tre Fernandez and 22-year-old David Aaron Taylor Fernandez.  The cause of death for this family was the same as Walters, blunt force trauma due to an accident.

The identity of the injured man hospitalized has remained confidential and the Ada County Sheriff's Department is continuing their investigation.  A lot of people have been affected by this horrible tragedy.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

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