The Boise Police Department has released updated information stating the man threatening that he had a gun in the bathroom of Fred Meyer on Federal Way in Boise, Idaho has been identified as Andrew Middleton.

Middleton DID NOT actually have a gun or any type of weapon as far as we know but was not cooperative with authorities when they arrived.  He's been arrested and detained on charges of providing false information to police and disturbing the peace.  You can read the Boise Police Department update HERE.



At this point, we understand that this crazy guy DID NOT have a gun but the Boise Police Department was taking no chances when he was telling everyone that he was armed and hiding in the bathroom at the Fred Meyer on Federal Way in Boise, Idaho.

KTVB reports that the entire Fred Meyer was evacuated around 4 o'clock this afternoon and the Boise Police were able to quickly apprehend the man who has now been taken into custody.  Nobody was hurt and we don't know the details of motive at this time.  A full investigation is currently underway.  We'll keep you posted.

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