Want to win $5,000 and a shot at your very own candy factory? You just need the golden ticket! Yep, this is straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. This whole thing has been constructed by David Klein, founder of Jelly Belly, as in the flavored jelly beans. To be clear David no longer owns the Jelly Belly business and that is not the candy factory that he is giving away.

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In the below video, that is also posted to TheGoldTicket.com, David and I am assuming his wife named Stephanie, explains about hiding the "gold tickets"

They say that a lot of the golden tickets -that look more like golden dog tag necklaces have already been hidden in many states. they plan to hide one in every state so suffice to say there will be a total of 50 that potentially can be found. The finders of the golden tickets will win $5000. The 50 winners from the 50 states will then be entered into the ultimate treasure hunt, where one person will find a key and win a Florida candy factory. The 4,000-square foot factory isn't a Jelly Belly factory though. In 1980 he sold his stake in Jelly Belly and started new candy factories.

There is a little catch though, to play, hunters must pay $49.98 to receive the riddle that will help them hunt down the gold necklace. Those who pay will be allowed into a private Facebook group about their hunt, and only 1,000 people can participate in each hunt. So if my math is right there is the $5,000 prize per state right there. Different state riddles will be released on different days, beginning with Georgia's on Sept. 30. Idaho is still available, so it is not sold out yet and the date has not been announced, it just says 'Coming soon'


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