The Oregon wildfire, called the Mosier Creek Wildfire is believed to be man started, which sucks, plus it is currently at about 800 acres and only 5% contained, which sucks even more. It is in Wasco County, near Mosier in Columbia River Gorge and to make matters worse about 900 homes are in jeopardy.

Local Firefighters have not been able to contain it so now, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has called in for reinforcements and crews from all over are teaming up to help. While evacuations have not started yet the first wave of about 150 homes are being evacuated and a lot more to follow if they cant get this thing to drastically slow down. The Shiloh Inn in the Dalles is ready to taking in the first wave of evacuees.

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The Wasco County Sheriff's Office is warning the following areas at different levels

Level 3, GO (Evacuate): All of Paradise Ridge Place Rd, and everyone West of State Rd. from Evergreen Terrace to Dry Creek Rd, about 150 homes.

Level 2, BE SET: Everyone East of State Rd, from Evergreen Terrace to Dry Creek Rd, about 500 homes.

Level 1, BE READY: All of Browns Creek Rd from Chenoweth Rd. to Wells Rd, about 250 homes.


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