The In-N-Out Burger frenzy in Meridian has reached epic proportions, with rumors buzzing like a beehive. The much-anticipated opening, initially slated for early November, is now said to be happening mid-month, and fans are practically salivating in anticipation.

Setbacks in construction and preparation have caused the delay. Still, it's hard to imagine anyone will mind once those delectable Double-Doubles and Animal-Style fries are finally within reach.

In the world of burger enthusiasts, hope springs eternal, and the members of the "In-N-Out Burger Enthusiast" Facebook page are no exception. The latest buzz is that the long-awaited In-N-Out in Meridian could open its doors on November 14th. Even though Google seems to think it's open, it's not.


As the excitement builds, these fervent fans eagerly count down the days, with taste buds tingling in anticipation. The unverified date might be the glimmer of hope they need. While the burger chain hasn't opened its first location in Idaho, there are plenty of reviews on Google, with people saying things like:

So good. I'm a happy camper. Visit was rough bc I had to wear a hard hat the whole time, but it was worth it! Lol. Just playing, but I have no doubt this location will be top notch and on par with its company wide standards of excellence. Looking forward to the opening! - Edward Whitten


So when will the first In-N-Out open in Idaho? It's all speculation right now. On October 22, In-N-Out celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a huge celebration in Pomona, CA, with over 23,000 in attendance at the In-N-Out Burger Pomona Dragstrip at the Fairplex.

We spoke with a Boise local who grew up in Emmett John Sowell and has been to about 29 different In-N-Out Burgers, with the Meridian location being "about the 30th." He's been to In-N-Outs in California, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada. His favorite, "My favorite is in Pasadena, Calif. It’s the fifth-oldest in the company and the oldest one still operating. No inside seating. Two drive-thru lanes on both sides of the building."

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