It's been the talk of the Treasure Valley for some time now: In-N-Out Burger. Some people love to go to the California-based burger chain while others hate it for that exact reason... it's from California.

The Treasure Valley is divided about In-N-Out Burger

For some, In-N-Out is a form of nostalgia that comes with a side of fries. For others, it's a trigger that sends the ultimate California hater into a frenzy.

And look, we get it. Some people don't like what In-N-Out represents and that's growth in the Treasure Valley, particularly Meridian.

You could argue that people in Idaho have the most pride in their state than anyone else in the country. It's near and dear to their hearts and no one wants to see the areas they grew up loving morph into crammed areas with big corporations moving in.

One thing is for sure though, In-N-Out is popular as evidenced by the constant flow of customers and people love the fresh ingredients.

Not everyone is impressed

Let us start this by saying, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's what makes America great, right? You are allowed to say that something sucks just for the sake of saying it does.

That being said, some people take the idea of a burger chain a little... too seriously.

At least, that's what we found when we sifted through some of the most brutal and harshest reviews that we could find of Idaho's new In-N-Out. People have some strong (and negative) feelings about In-N-Out that could trigger any In-N-Out fan... and there are a lot of them out there.

Let's take a look at the ten most brutal 1-star reviews of Idaho's newest burger chain.

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