You matched on Bumble or Tinder or whatever app you use and you don’t know where to go or what to do that will impress this person that may be someone you spend the rest of your life with.  Maybe we’re jumping the gun there, but if the first date is a fail, you won’t get a second date and then your shot at eternity with that person is gone.  Here’s where to go to guarantee a second date: 

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An arcade is a pretty good first date.  It allows you time to talk and while playing games you get a break from talking.  It shows that you’re fun and young at heart but Grinker’s also shows that you appreciate history.  Nearly 350 classic arcade games makes this a great spot for a first date.  More info HERE.

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Mini Golf at Wahooz 

Mini Golf is just plain fun.  If your date is even slightly fun, you’ll both have a great time.  It’s a great ice breaker, it gives you time for talking and the other thing that I like about this as a first date, is that you find out very early how competitive they are.  If they take it too seriously, you’ll see your first red flag.  More info HERE.

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Foodie Night 

Pack in three great places that you can only experience in Boise all in one night.  Salad or appetizers at Fork downtown, then your main course at Barbacoa and dessert at Goody’s.  It doesn’t get any more local and doesn’t get tastier either. 

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Liquid Comedy Show 

One of the hard parts about a first date is that you don’t know each other’s sense of humor.  What you think is funny, they may find offensive.  Going to a comedy show allows someone else to push the boundaries for you so that you aren’t the one that offends them!  More info HERE.

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Story Story Night 

The story telling series at JUMP is a cool way to laugh, drink and have fun, plus it helps steer your conversation later!  They are currently doing a series based on decades.  More info HERE.