Zoo Boise is a must-see spectacle for anyone within driving distance of the Treasure Valley. From sloths to giraffes to capybara, Zoo Boise really does have it all.

Well, almost.

Warning: This is about to get weird.

While we really couldn't bring ourselves to come up with any cool animals you can't see at ZB, we did begin to ponder what fictitious creatures we'd like to be able to visit in the future. After that, the flood gates opened.

Let's fantasize together and imagine Zoo Boise as a world of wonder with no rules, no limits, and perhaps a few creatures that could lay waste to an entire town.

Fictitious Animals We'd Like To See @ Zoo Boise

While they make not exist, that didn't stop us from fantasizing!

What say you? If you had the power to bring fantasy to life, what creatures would you want to hang out with at Zoo Boise? Sure, it's a dumb question, but if you've read this far we know your wheels are turning.

Let's connect on Facebook and discuss! Is it a creature from the Wondering World universe? Maybe a talking teddy bear? Or even just some made-up monster to vanquish your enemies. If it's your imagination, there are no rules, right?

All jokes aside, if you'd like to check out the amazing collection of animals and exhibits at Zoo Boise, you can get more information on tickets here. This isn't a sponsored article, we're just big big fans of the ZB family, and we love supporting a great local organization!

Animals You Can See Now At Zoo Boise

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