We're still looking for the exact motive or what was going through this 19-year-old boy's head when he opened fire on five different classrooms as school was getting Tuesday afternoon at Douglas High School in Florida leaving 17 people dead and a lot more injured but some information we have now is the step-by-step process he took in trying to get away after the shooting.

According to KTVB 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz dropped his rifle and ran away from the scene but he ran away with the intent of blending into the crowd so he would not raise suspicion to himself.  This means, kids and faculty that were running in terror from the most horrific thing they've seen were actually running side-by-side with the person who had just killed their friends, students, and peers.

After getting away Cruz stopped into a Walmart and bought a drink at the Subway shop and then stopped at a McDonalds before he was finally caught by the Broward County Sheriff Department.  The Sheriff Department breaks down the timeline of what happened like this...

2:19 pm Wednesday - Uber car dropped Nikolas Cruz off at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Cruz entered the East stairwell of building 12 with a rifle inside a black soft case. He exited the stairwell and pulled the rifle from its case.

2:21 pm - The suspect readied his rifle and began shooting into rooms 1215, 1216 and 1214, then went back to 1216, back to 1215, then onto 1213.

The suspect then took the West stairwell to the second floor and shot one victim in room 1234.

The suspect then took the East stairwell to the third floor, dropped his AR-15 rifle and his backpack, and ran down the stairs.

He exited building 12 and ran toward the tennis courts, took a southbound turn on foot, crossing fields and ran West along with others who were fleeing and he tried to mix in with people "fearing for their lives."

The suspect arrived at a Walmart store and bought a drink at the Subway. He left the store.

The suspect went to a McDonalds store and sat down for a short period of time.

3:01 pm - He left the McDonalds on foot.

3:41 pm - Nikolas Cruz detained at 4700 Wyndham Lakes Drive in Coral Springs, Florida, by a member of the Coconut Creek Police Department. He was taken into custody without incident.

Reports are coming in that Cruz has confessed to being the shooter and is cooperating with authorities, giving detailed information as to what happened.  The "Why" is still up in the air.  We'll keep you posted as more information is released.

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