All Cascade schools have been cancelled today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) and the reason is a little different than most.  It's the first time in 27 years schools have been cancelled in the Cascade district due to illness.

According to KTVB the schools attendance level has been dropping and dropping recently and that's because so many kids are getting this flu that's hit the entire state of Idaho so hard.  One of the major downsides of this flu is that it's not just your typical 24 hour deal.  Most people feel it for a good two to three weeks.

Before making the decision to cancel, superintendent Pal Sartori said that 23% of their students were marked absent and that's just on one day.  Others continue to go to school not knowing or just pushing through it like a lot of us did for work, infecting those around us.

One of the main reasons students would continue to go to school when sick was because of a rule in place stating that those who do not attend miss any type of extracurricular activities.  The result was kids coughing and sneezing as they walked the halls, making sure their eligibility for their sports teams or activities was not in question.

The school is currently going through a sanitize process and because they have emergency days built into their year, there will be no extra time or days added at the end.  School will resume in Cascade county on Monday, January 29.

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