A brand new Flying Pie Pizzaria is making its way into the Treasure Valley.  This restaurant will take up two spaces in the Elms Park area on Overland Road near Five Mile.  According to BoiseDev, there will be a $1,000,000 buildout which, when it's finished, will be able to hold 145 people at a time.

Flying Pie Pizzeria is known for some of THE BEST pizza ever and some very unique specials that only come around occasionally like their Habanero Pizza challenge that may possibly be the hottest pizza on the planet.  You can check us (Rick and Carly) out grubbin' on that bad boy a while back.  NOT EASY!  Video is below.

If you've never been to Flying Pie Pizzaria, you HAVE to try it.  And they have pretty much something for everyone.  Here's what types of food you'll find when you make you're way into one of Boise's top pizza spots.

  • BEER
  • WINE

These guys have been around for 40 years and they do it right.  I'm so excited to see a new location pop up.  Just another place for my weekend HIT LIST when it's time to eat.  We'll keep you posted on exactly when the restaurant expects to open.

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