Collin Sather was just 19 years young when he lost his battle with cancer. But, before his death, Collin knew he wanted to do something to help someone in need. According to the Idaho Statesman, Collin insisted to his family that he wanted to be an organ donor. Unfortunately, because the renal cancer that he was diagnosed with had spread throughout his body, he couldn't donate his organs, BUT, he could donate something that would give someone the gift of sight.

Statesman, he was able to donate his corneas. On March 17, his mom, Treena Sather-Head, posted on Twitter the official letter that his donation resulted in a successful donation.

Statesman, the teenager first reported having stomach pains in January. Just a few days later, he was diagnosed with renal cancer, and died just a month later. While I can't even imagine losing a child, imagine the gratitude the recipient of his donation feels. What a blessing you are, Collin. Prayers go out to his family, what a great young man he was.

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