Want to start an awesome Christmas tradition with your family? How about heading up to the mountains for your very own fresh tree?

All you need is $10, a chainsaw, and some tie downs! Really, it's ONLY $10 for a Christmas Tree permit in the Payette and Boise National Forests. AND, check this out, if you have a fourth grader, you can get a permit for FREE.

It's part of an initiative called, “Every Kid in a Park” "to action to build the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts."

I went over the weekend and it was....eventful. My dog (who had never been in the mountains before) got lost. It's okay we found him, but it kind of threw a wrench in the whole experience.

As my husband was cutting down the tree we'd chosen, the rest of us were hiking trying to find him. Luckily we did, but by then the tree was cut and in the bed of the truck. So it wasn't really what we had in mind, but in the grand scheme of things we all came home with a tree LOL. And the day was absolutely beautiful, so we got some great sight-seeing in as well.

Now, if you'd like to have your own little adventure-sans the lost dog-you can CLICK HERE to get a list of all the vendors.

If you have a fourth-grader, and would like to take advantage of the FREE permit, CLICK HERE to register.