Are you leaving your house today? Or maybe you're just being EXTRA careful and observant because of today....Friday the 13th *dun dun dun*! I'm not crazy superstitious but hey don't blame me if I steer really clear of a ladder or a black cat or any mirrors....anywhere. But honestly, these are just things that are extra scary on ONE particular day. But, what is it that we as Americans fear the most?

Time Magazine wanted to know so they did the research and analyzed the data from Google to find out the top five fears American's Google the most.


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    The biggest fear for Americans? Death. Yeah, thinking of death is pretty scary, but you might as well just live life to the fullest, right?

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    Hey ooohhh! Yeah love is hard and scary *especially if you've watched too many rom-coms* but it's still pretty awesome, go find it!

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    Yeah, humans are scary.

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    Ok, I can relate to this one! I hate being alone, especially when you hear about Alexa laughing on her own....aaahhh

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    Ugh, I totally understand.....It was painful trying to pick a paint color.

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