Is Trace Adkins' new song a hit? I don't thing about Trace, he isn't afraid to let you know what he's thinking. His new song is called "Still A Soldier". Check it out.

When Trace Adkins talks or sings about America, he doesn't hold back. There's no question about how much he respects the men and women who serve our country. Songs like Arlington, 'Til The Last Shot's Fired, Semper Fi, and others, show how he feels about those who served and made the ultimate sacrfice, and those currently serving.

There's probably little doubt that Trace chose to release this song right at this time. The country seems divided on many levels, including the most recent controversy of the NFL players refusing to stand for our National Anthem at their games.

"Still A Soldier" is in our Future Hit At Five spotlight tonight. Is it a future hit? I don't know, but I thought you may want to hear it, no matter which way you lean on the issues.

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