Granger Smith just played a sold out show at The Knitting Factory with Wow 104.3, and now he's back with a brand new song! Check it out!

Yee! Yee! Our friend Granger Smith is back with a new song called "Happens Like That!"

He didn't play it when he was here a few weeks ago, but he did share with us that it was coming and today is the day! Granger told People Magazine that he didn't set out to write a song about how he met his wife, Amber, but he got about half way through the second verse and realized..."hey...this is our story"....and then he realized "it's probably a lot of people's story!"

I can relate in many ways...when I met my wife I was NOT looking for any kind of a relationship. just happened...almost like Granger sings about in this new song.

Check it out. It's our Future Hit At Five today on Wow 104.3!

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