Lots of streets in Garden City are flooding and its all because a tree fell over into the Boise River.


The tree is blocking water paths diverting the water into other areas which is causing the flooding.  The flooding is at 46th Street past Adams Street at the Riverview Business Park.  The Greenbelt is completely under water and the streets have anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of water on them.


The tree actually fell into the river about a week ago and has floated down the Boise River about two blocks and finally got caught around 46th street where its now causing some major troubles.


Crews have not attempted to break the tree loose yet because of safety concerns.  The Garden City Mayor John Evans made a statement saying they think the tree will break loose soon and then continue to float down the river.


The situation is being evaluated by Garden City Agencies, Garden City Police, and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Sandbags are being trucked in to help with the flooding and to keep the businesses and streets functional.


For pictures and more details, go to KTVB.com.

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