I've had the pleasure of knowing Garth Brooks for a long time.  One of the all-time classiest human beings on the planet.  There are so many wonderful stories about Garth and how he treats his fans and they're all true.

I remember hanging out with Garth Brooks backstage years ago and one of our listeners had the opportunity to come and meet him.  Garth didn't just rush this lady through a line, snap a quick picture and send her on her way.  He took her back into a room with only about four or five of us and sat down on the floor right in front of her.  He made some kind of hand motion to one of his people taking care of him and that man quickly disappeared while Garth took 20 to 30 minutes talking to this woman about her life, what she liked, who she was, and every moment was flat out GENUINE.

Towards the end of the conversation, Garth's man popped back into the room with Garth Brook's t-shirts, cups, headbands, and just about everything else you could buy out in the merchandise area.  Garth signed every one of those items, took pictures, laughed and treated this woman like they were sitting on the porch somewhere drinking a beer.

I've never seen a backstage like that and coming from such a superstar it made me tear up.  Anyone who's lucky enough to watch this man when he comes to Boise is just that... LUCKY!

Carly and I had a chance to talk to Garth a few days ago and we talked about what he's been doing since we last saw each other, and then we got into it and started asking questions that you guys, the listeners, have been asking.  Here's what Garth said...

Why haven't you been back to Boise for the past 20+ years?

Boise was always one of those places that was a great place for us and for some reason, I don't know how it happened, we never got around to getting there last time so I don't know if their building was just always booked or what but it's gonna be fun to get back there finally.

Why were you out here for the Bob Seger concert a few months ago?

Yeah, yeah I had a buddy that uh had his birthday all planned out with his girlfriend, they broke up like, I don't know 10 days before his birthday and so I'm sitting there going Oh Crap what are we gonna do for my pal here so we got some cowboy buddies lookin' around and come to find out, huge Seger fan... so I am too so it was pretty cool and he had just been here to Nashville so we looked up on the thing and he's in Nampa, Idaho of all places on this guy's birthday.

So we... it was fabulous man, we flew in there... everybody treated us great we were uh, we were I don't know maybe seven, eight rows back... right on the left, it was like you could just reach out and touch him and it was just fun man.

You and Trisha Yearwood have such a good relationship.  What's your one piece of relationship advice?

I just think it's all about who you're married to, if it's your best friend that's a good place to start right there so... we all seem to get married really early because it's the next step in our lives and you're so young, you really don't know who each one of you's gonna become so that's tough and if you're one of those people who've been married 50 years... good for you man and me and Miss Yearwood were doing the math the other day and if we make 50 years I'll be like 140 so... I think that just being with your best friend is the best part.

Is Trisha Yearwood going to be in Boise?

Yeah, she's gonna put this big ass white tent on the campus.  This is what she does.  It's called 'Trisha Yearwood's Tailgate' and so what she'll do is... she'll have a tailgate going on for about two or three hours before the show, you go inside, she's gonna be in there, she'll have cooking, food demos... let me tell you what happens.  Every time they've had to shut it down and get people into the stadium, it's like 'People... there's a show going on... it's crazy man, it kinda hurts my ego but I get it.  I totally get it.


I can't imagine man.  These are stadiums you know so we uh, we've been lucky enough for people to show up but that's a hell of a lot of people especially when you're standing in the middle of them.  It catches you off guard how many people's there so we've been lucky enough to have people show up.  That's all I'm lookin' for here and as far as what's beyond that I have no idea.

Now, we'll post the ACTUAL audio below so you can decide for yourself.  I believe it's not exactly what Garth says but HOW he says it.  Remember, this conversation took place before tickets went on sale so Garth's camp had no idea if this would sell out or not BUT... rumors have been out there about Garth doing two or three shows here before we even announced he was officially coming to Boise.  His concert schedule says he's open for at least two more dates surrounding the July 20th concert AND... I hate even saying this because I'll probably get into a bit of trouble with the boss BUT... I have some inside information here at 104.3 WOW Country that says Garth putting on at least one more show here in Boise looks VERY possible.

If you're bummed that you missed out on the 1st set of tickets stand by.  We will keep you posted and Oh Oh Oh... make sure you have that FREE 104.3 WOW Country App downloaded onto your phone because you'll receive the information 1st if you do.

If you'd like to hear our conversation with Garth Brooks just click below.

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