Wouldn't it be nice if you can earn some bucks for one of your favorite hobbies? Now you can! According to KTVB, Idaho Fish and Game are offering prize money for thin Rainbow Trout found in the South Fork of the Snake River. You can earn anywhere from $50 to $1000 for these specific trout that have a coded wire tag attached.

The reason their offering you cash? According to KTVB, it's an effort to reduce "the population of the invasive species." This is apparently an annual thing that started in 2010 and it's known as the 'Angler Incentive Program'. Every year, the program sets aside about $7,000 to incentivize.anglers

Regional fisheries manager, Brett High told the Idaho State Journal that "a few hundred anglers participate in the program each year, and about 4 percent of the heads they turn in have tags." Is that enough? Nope. According to the Idaho State Journal, about half of these puppies in the Snake are caught every year, however, "only 15 to 20 percent of them are kept by anglers." If getting cash for the trout isn't incentive enough if you take them to the Fish and Game Department, they'll deliver fillets to local food banks!

These fish are absolutely beautiful, but they are a bit threat to the native Yellowstone cutthroats. According to KTVB, the trout "compete with and interbreed with the cutthroat."


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