When my daughter Jocelyn was a baby she screamed for what seemed like months on end until she discovered sucking on her two little fingers. Her self-soothing calmed her down but ruined her smile. Dr. Loren Short at Clock Tower Orthodontics in Caldwell is helping bring her smile back. 

Sucking on her two fingers caused Jocelyn's front teeth to flare out making for a pretty gnarly looking smile. I knew if we didn't start looking into braces her confidence would continue to decline. I had already noticed her often trying smile without showing her teeth. Jocelyn is a competitive gymnast and I worried about her having a mouth full of metal while doing flips and tricks. I could just imagine metal braces going through her lip if she fell. That's why I was so excited to learn about Invisalign when I sat down with Dr. Loren Short at Clock Tower Orthodontics in Caldwell. Dr. Short explained how many great advancements have been done with Invisalign technology during the last few years. In fact, you can fix most problems with Invisalign as effectively as you can with traditional braces and cost-wise it's very comparable.  I loved that she wouldn't be limited in what she could eat or drink while having her teeth straightened.

During our visit, I was so impressed with Dr. Short and his knowledge of Invisalign (clear plastic trays that you can pop in and out of your mouth) that I decided to go on the journey with my 10-year-old daughter and fix my crooked bottom teeth that were starting to wear down the enamel on my upper teeth. I knew if I didn't do something the misaligned teeth could cause breaking that could lead to needing crowns and having a smile I would no longer be confident in.

The process was painless and simple. No more goopy molds, just a quick scan of our teeth to take impressions. Jocelyn and I change out our Invisalign trays every week and it has been amazing to see our smiles getting straighter and straighter.

Since Jocelyn still has baby teeth to lose, we'll complete her cosmetic transformation in two parts. The first step was bringing her flared out teeth down and back together. Dr. Short will perfect her smile once all of her baby teeth are gone and her "adult smile" starts to emerge.

We still have a couple of months to go, but we have been so impressed with the improvements in our smiles. Dr. Short and his staff always make our visits quick, easy, and painless and we are so excited to have beautiful smiles that will last us the rest of our lives.

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